Patent Number: 6,283,535

Title: Apparatus for driving vehicle door to open and close

Abstract: A kinetic conversion mechanism includes a driving pulley pivotallyconnected to one end portion of a board which is pointed in the directionof substantially crossing the hinge shaft of a door, coupled to the outputshaft of a motor and capable of forward and reverse rotation; a drivenpulley pivotally connected to the other end of the board; and an endlessbelt wound on the driving pulley and the driven pulley, the belt beingcoupled to a part of the belt as the output portion thereof. The kineticconversion mechanism and the motor are arranged in the shape ofsubstantial L-letter by coupling the motor to one end portion of thekinetic conversion mechanism at substantially right angles. A transmissionmember is made bendable and also pivotal within a plane substantiallyperpendicular to a hinge shaft. One end of a coupling member is pivotallyconnected to an open-close structure, whereas the other end thereof ispivotally connected to the transmission member. Further, the couplingmember follows the open-close movement of the open-close structure and iscaused to tilt while bending the transmission member.

Inventors: Yuge; Masaaki (Yokohama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/02013