Patent Number: 6,283,551

Title: Pivoting armrest with cupholder

Abstract: An armrest has a cupholder at one end, and is adapted to be pivotallymounted between theater seats that have backrest portions. The armrestwith the cupholder is pivotally movable from a generally horizontalposition where it can support the arms of a person sitting in the seat, toa generally vertical position where it substantially fills the spacebetween adjacent backrests, and provides a surface that forms a backrestcontinuation when the arm is pivoted upwardly. The armrest has pads atboth the upper and lower surfaces thereof so that it is padded when it isbeing used as an armrest and also when it is forming a continuation of thebackrest of the two adjacent seats.

Inventors: Bergin; Peter W. A. (Eden Prairie, MN)


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Expiration Date: 09/02013