Patent Number: 6,283,641

Title: Hermaphrodite optical connector

Abstract: The invention relates to a hermaphrodite optical connector having twoidentical connector elements, each connector element comprising a housing(14) provided with a connection face (12) having optical conductorterminations (18) which occupy positions in the connection face that aresymmetrical about a hermaphrodite axis contained in the connection face,and means for mechanical connection and positioning of the two connectorelements, which means comprise n holes (24, 26, 28) formed in theconnection face and n studs (20, 22, 30) projecting therefrom, a hole ofone connector element being suitable for receiving the associated stud ofthe other connector element, and n being greater than one. Each connectionhole (24, 26, 28) of a connector element is symmetrical with a connectionstud (20, 22, 30) of the same connector element about the hermaphroditeaxis (X-X').

Inventors: Doit; Stephane (Chamonix, FR), Pouyez; Philippe (Argenteuil, FR), Kayoun; Pierre-Henri (Boulogne-Billancourt, FR)


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Expiration Date: 09/02013