Patent Number: 6,283,706

Title: Adjustable harness for a portable fan

Abstract: A portable apparatus that includes fan and a harness adapted to permit the fan to be hung from a harness in a self-supported position on the wearer and which permits relocation of the fan to vary the distance of the fan from the neck of the wearer. The harness includes a cord that is looped about the wearer's neck and which passes through an adjustable coupler, whose sidewalls are configured and arranged to deform in response to squeezing forces. In response to the sidewalls being squeezed, the adjustable coupler releases the cord to permit simultaneous relative movement of the adjustable coupler along the cord. In response to removal of the squeezing forces, the adjustable coupler resiliently returns to its undeformed condition, grasping the cord to prevent relative movement of the adjustable coupler.

Inventors: Cochran; Marian Harding (Hollywood, FL), Cobrin; Peter T. (Livingston, NJ), Hess; Robert J. (New York, NY)

Assignee: Atico International USA, Inc.

International Classification: F04D 29/60 (20060101); F04D 029/64 ()

Expiration Date: 09/04/2018