Patent Number: 6,283,802

Title: Receptacle terminal and forming method of the same

Abstract: A base plate strip is formed with an extension which is forwardly extending from an electrical contact barrel. A groove is provided in the extension such that the groove is extending across a fore open end of the electrical contact barrel. A fore end extended piece of a resilient contact tongue strip overlies the extension of the base plate strip. The resilient contact tongue strip is cut together with the base plate strip along the fore open end of said electrical contact barrel. This defines a stepped surface in the base plate at the open periphery of the electrical contact barrel and defines an engagement end piece at the fore end of the resilient contact tongue. The engagement end piece engages with the stepped surface to prevent the resilient contact tongue from moving in the insertion direction of an associated pin terminal.

Inventors: Sato; Naotoshi (Shizuoka, JP), Abe; Kimihiro (Shizuoka, JP)

Assignee: Yazaki Corporation

International Classification: H01R 13/115 (20060101); H01R 13/15 (20060101); H01R 13/187 (20060101); H01R 004/48 ()

Expiration Date: 09/04/2018