Patent Number: 6,292,960

Title: Hidden safe associated with a bed

Abstract: An improved concealed safe is disclosed for concealment of firearms andother valuables therein, the safe being sized and shaped to replace a bedbox-springs. The safe includes a top surface to support a mattress of abed, a bottom surface to engage a supporting floor, a plurality ofexterior side walls and corners being sized and shaped to support amattress bed. The safe includes an internal storage cavity bounded byinterior walls a lower floor. The safe includes side wall openings throughat least one of the exterior side walls and through respective interiorwalls, into which one or more drawers can be inserted into the storagecavity. Each drawer is lockable and concealed from view when inserted intothe safe in a concealed position, and each drawer is extendable outwardsfrom the storage cavity into an exposed position. A rolling means supportseach drawer and allows each drawer to be moved along at least one pair ofroller tracks positioned on an interior wall within the storage cavity,providing a user ease of opening and loading each drawer in the exposedposition, and allowing closing each drawer to the concealed position intothe concealed safe that is hidden under a mattress and appears as a bedbox-springs.

Inventors: Bowling; Larry D. (Knoxville, TN)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013