Patent Number: 6,292,966

Title: Method for sensing water level and vibration of washing machine andapparatus therefor

Abstract: A method and apparatus for sensing the water level and vibration for awashing machine are disclosed. The method includes the steps of measuringa resonant frequency, when a water level of a washtub corresponds to thewater level of zero and there is no wash within the washtub, in a waterlevel sensor which converts the variation of water pressure according tothe water level of the washtub into the resonant frequency and senses thewater level as the converted resonant frequency, setting the measuredresonant frequency as a reference resonant frequency, measuring theresonant frequency from the water level sensor, during a dehydrationoperation among washing operations, and obtaining a deviation of themeasured resonant frequency from the reference resonant frequency, andcomparing the deviation of the measured resonant frequency from adeviation of the reference resonant frequency to determine whether thedehydration operation is continued, for thereby achieving an optimalwashing operation, wherein the method is comprised of the step of sensingthe excessive vibration within the washing machine only with an output ofexisting water level sensor, without having a mechanical vibration sensor.

Inventors: Lim; Hyong-Tack (Seoul, KR), Kim; Hyong-Sup (Seoul, KR), Seo; Sang-Ho (Seoul, KR), Kwon; Oh-Sung (Seoul, KR)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013