Patent Number: 6,292,972

Title: Scrub washing apparatus and scrub washing method

Abstract: A scrub washing apparatus comprises a spin chuck for holding a substrate tobe processed substantially horizontally, a nozzle for supplying a washingliquid to the substrate mounted on the spin chuck, an arm vertically andhorizontally movably supported, an output shaft provided at the arm, asponge brush connected directly or indirectly to the output shaft, forscrubbing the substrate on the spin chuck in contact therewith, a pressmechanism moving the sponge brush downward together with the output shaft,for pressing the sponge brush against the substrate on the spin chuck, anda rotation drive mechanism provided above the press mechanism at aposition where the rotation drive mechanism is capable of being engagedwith the output shaft, for directly rotating the sponge brush by engagingwith the output shaft.

Inventors: Ishihara; Akira (Tosu, JP), Yonemizu; Akira (Kumamoto, JP), Miyazaki; Takanori (Kumamoto, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013