Patent Number: 6,292,983

Title: Adjustable quick-release buckle, particularly for diving masks or similar

Abstract: An adjustable quick-release buckle, particularly for masks or similar, ofthe type provided in combination with a strap (1). The strap has a set ofequally spaced teeth (101), projections, transverse ribs, or similar,arranged along the strap (1), and at least on the end portions of saidstrap (1), covering a predetermined length, and the buckle (2) hasremovable means (4, 5), preventing the strap (1) from sliding in theloosening direction, and allowing it to slide in the opposite tighteningdirection, said means (4, 5) being controllable, when the strap (1) is inthe disengagement position, also in said loosening direction. According tothe invention, the means for retaining the strap (1), designed to allow itto slide in one direction, and to prevent it therefrom in the oppositedirection, consist of removable means (4, 204, 5, 105, 205, 305), whichare elastically loaded and do not act directly on the strap (1), butcooperate with guide means (4, 104, 204) engaged with its teeth,projections, ribs or similar (101).

Inventors: Giaquinta; Ciro (S. Colombano Certenoli, IT), Testa; Fabio (Busalla, IT)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013