Patent Number: 6,292,988

Title: Seat belt buckle

Abstract: A seat belt buckle of the general type disclosed in GB-A-2238074 in whichthe slider (44) has extending downwardly from its body (46) clips (76)having side flanges (78), the flanges being formed with chamfers (80). Thebody (74) of the locking member (24) is provided with elongate slots (72),into which the clips (76) can be pressed, the flanges (78) retaining theslider in place. The length of the slots (72) and of the clips (78) ischosen to allow adequate sliding movement of the slider (44).

Inventors: Jackson; Michael John (Cullybackey, GB), Harrison; Mark John (Ballyhackamore, GB)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 09/25/2013