Patent Number: 6,292,991

Title: Apparatus and method for inserting corner members in channel-shaped flangesof a duct

Abstract: Apparatus for inserting a corner member into channel-shaped flanges of aduct. The corner member has first and second legs. The duct includeslongitudinally extending duct panels. The channel-shaped flanges of theduct extend laterally from at least one end of the duct panels. Theapparatus a corner member support mechanism adapted for supporting thecorner member, a duct moving mechanism, and a pressing mechanism. The ductmoving mechanism has a duct pusher moveable between a first position and asecond position. The duct pusher imparts a moving force against the ductupon movement of the duct pusher from its first position to its secondposition. The duct moving mechanism moves the duct toward the cornermember and to a position in which adjacent flanges of the duct are inregistration with the legs of the corner member upon movement of the ductpusher from its first position to its second position when the cornermember is being supported by the corner member support mechanism and whenthe duct pusher is imparting the moving force against the duct. Thepressing mechanism has at least one pressing member moveable between anon-pressing position and a pressing position. The pressing mechanismpresses the corner member into the duct flanges upon movement of thepressing member from its non-pressing position to its pressing positionwhen the flanges of the duct are in registration with the legs of thecorner member.

Inventors: Fischer; Herbert J. (Imperial, MO), Satterfield; Michael E. (Cahokia, IL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013