Patent Number: 6,292,993

Title: Vulcanizing machine with segmented mold

Abstract: A vulcanizing machine for producing pneumatic tires includes an exchangeable segmented mold comprised of tread mold pieces for defining the outer contour of a tire tread portion, and upper and lower side mold members engaged with the tread mold pieces, for defining the outer contours of the sidewall portions. The tread mold pieces are detachably connected to connector segments which are slidably engaged with a container ring so that vertical movement of the container ring causes radial movement of the connector segments relative to the tread mold pieces. After production of tires of a predetermined size has been completed, the mold is removed from the machine by moving the container ring upwards to disconnect the connector segments from the tread mold pieces, and disconnecting the upper side mold member from a top plate of the machine. Another segmented mold for tires of a different size is incorporated into the machine, by placing and centering the mold relative to the machine, moving the container ring downwards to connect the connector segments to the tread mold pieces, and connecting the top plate to the upper side mold member. The mold can be efficiently exchanged with respect to the machine under a high temperature condition, thereby improving the manufacturing productivity of tires.

Inventors: Ito; Taizo (Kodaira, JP), Goto; Tomotaka (Kodaira, JP), Nagata; Masami (Kodaira, JP)

Assignee: Bridgestone Corporation

International Classification: B29D 30/06 (20060101); B29C 035/02 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018