Patent Number: 6,293,011

Title: Heat exchanger for vehicle air conditioner

Abstract: A heat exchanger has a header tank, plural tubes through which refrigerant flows and a connector for connecting the tank to a pipe. The header tank has a pair of protruding portions protruding from an outer surface of the header tank and integrally formed with the header tank. When the connector is bonded to the tank by brazing, the connector is disposed between the protruding portions, and each of the protruding portions is bent toward the other at a protruding end thereof by plastic deformation. As a result, the connector is clamped by the protruding portions and is fastened to the header tank. Thus, the connector is readily and tentatively fastened to the header tank before bonded to the header tank by brazing.

Inventors: Hasegawa; Etuo (Nagoya, JP), Aki; Yoshifumi (Kariya, JP)

Assignee: Denso Corporation

International Classification: B23K 1/00 (20060101); F16L 41/08 (20060101); F28F 9/04 (20060101); F28D 1/053 (20060101); F28D 1/04 (20060101); F28F 9/02 (20060101); B23P 015/26 (); F28F 009/16 (); F16L 041/08 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018