Patent Number: 6,293,025

Title: Method for verifying and measuring double-toothing sprocket wheels anddevice for carrying out the method

Abstract: Method and device for verifying and measuring a double-toothing sprocketwheel (14) to identify the respective positions of the teeth (24) of thetwo toothed rings (27a, 27b) thereof, in which method use is made of apair of contacting elements, a first lower (23a) and a second upper (23b)contacting elements which lie in different parallel planes, the contactingelements cooperating respectively with one groove (25) of the first ring(27a) and one groove (25) of the second ring (27b), in which method afirst contacting element (23a) is constrained to lie in a position whichis fixed radially with respect to the longitudinal axis (17) of thesprocket wheel (14), and the second contacting element (23b) isprogressively displaced in a radial direction with respect to thelongitudinal axis (17) of the sprocket wheel (14) until it reaches aposition of maximum possible advance, the position of maximum advancebeing compared with a reference position to establish a condition ofalignment between the terminal ends (123) of the two contacting elements(23a, 23b).

Inventors: Gill; Sheridan Ralph (Sark, GB)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013