Patent Number: 6,293,054

Title: Gutter liner apparatus

Abstract: Gutter liner apparatus having a perforated upper platform surface thatextends the width of the gutter and is supported by two sidewalls thatextend down from the front and back edges of the upper platform so thatthe platform is situated in the lower half of the gutter upon installationtherein. The perforations in the upper platform surface exclude leaf typedebris from blocking the drainage flow of the gutter. The sidewalls canvary from being perpendicular to the upper platform to being flaredoutwardly away from an axis perpendicular to the upper platform to causethem to bias against the inner surfaces of the gutter. Other geometriesprovide additional advantages under selected circumstances. Perforationscan be only on the upper platform surface or also on the sidewalls.

Inventors: Cangialosi; Sal (Oakdale, NY)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013