Patent Number: 6,293,056

Title: Multi-purpose above-ceiling utility support system

Abstract: A plurality of utility distribution system elements such as cables, wires,pipes or ducts are supported in the space existing between a suspendedceiling and the upper adjacent floor by a plurality of support brackets.The support brackets include elements having a shape correspondinggenerally to an inverted L which are secured to the undersurface of theupper adjacent floor and thereby provide downwardly extending verticalelements. A plurality of slots are formed in the support brackets and aplurality of elongated straps are securable to the support brackets usingthe slots and bending tabs formed in the straps. The straps cooperate withthe support bracket to secure various utility distribution system elementssuch as pipes, cables, wire bundles or ducts. In an alternate embodiment,the support brackets are arranged in pairs and are joined by horizontallyextending braces therebetween to form ladder-like support structures whichreceive and support various utility distribution elements.

Inventors: He; Ping (Agoura, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013