Patent Number: 6,293,059

Title: Hurricane protective system for windows and doors

Abstract: A system for protecting a window or other opening to a building againsthurricane-force winds, including: (a) four or more bolts, screws or rods;(b) four or more wedge brackets, each wedge bracket having a longitudinalslot along its centerline, and an aperture at the base of and continuouswith the slot, the aperture having a diameter larger than the diameter ofthe bolt head, sloped sides along the slot, the slope along the sidesdecreasing from the top of the slot to the aperture at the bottom of theslot; and (c) one or two rectangular-shaped protective panels, each panelbeing of slightly larger length and width than the opening to be covered,each panel having an aperture in each corner area. The head of each boltprojects from each corner area of a molding or border along each openingto be covered; each bolt head projects through an aperture of the panel;and each bolt head projects through the longitudinal slot of each bracket,so that the bracket is fastened between the bolt head and an upper surfaceof the panel, and the panel covers the opening to be protected.

Inventors: Goodwin; Robert F. (Charleston, SC)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013