Patent Number: 6,293,063

Title: Cast-in-place hybrid building system

Abstract: A pre-cast concrete form for cast-in-place beams and columns and a methodof forming the same. The form includes a form body having a channelthrough a length thereof and a shear bonding key along the length, thechannel being adapted to receive cast-in-place concrete therein to form abeam or column. The shear bonding key is integrally formed in the body andhas a grooved portion and a ribbed portion for bonding the cast-in-placeconcrete to the form body. The form body may further include a reinforcingstirrup tie cast therein and extending into the channel, adapted to securethe form body to an opposed form body. The form body may include aplurality of shear bonding keys and reinforcing stirrup ties spaced apartalong the length thereof. The method includes the steps of positioning apre-cast concrete form having a channel extending therethrough, pouringthe cast-in-place concrete into the channel of the form, and bonding theconcrete to the form with a shear bonding key integrally formed along thechannel of the form. This method may further include the step of securingopposed forms together with a reinforcing stirrup tie extending from theforms into the cast-in-place concrete.

Inventors: Van Doren; David A. (Hays, KS)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013