Patent Number: 6,293,068

Title: Foam panel and channel concrete form system

Abstract: A prefabricated wall forming structure for constructing reinforced concretewalls employs insulating foam plastic panels that are interlocked into twoparallel concrete impervious walls by connectors having two I beamchannels that are spaced apart by tie elements having an arcuate crosssection. The tie elements support reinforcing bars. The I beams may havestriated outer faces to hold stucco and plaster. The web of at least oneof the I beams may have an elongate channel or raceway for wires andpipes. Connectors may be applied vertically and horizontally to seal alledges of the panels and resist the hydraulic forces of the pouredconcrete. The connectors and panels remain in place after concrete ispoured to create an insulated concrete wall. A method of extruding theconnectors uses an intermittently opening and moving die passage to createthe tie elements and the I beams in one continuous process.

Inventors: Harrington, Jr.; James T. (Miami, FL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013