Patent Number: 6,293,128

Title: Pendant reusable enhancer for necklaces

Abstract: In jewelry to support a pendant loop below a necklace strand, the combination comprising an upright holder plate having a decorative front side, and a rear side defining upper and lower portions, an upper support loop extending upright above said plate and having two sections which are relatively closable to define a transverse through opening for embracing said necklace strand, above the plate, the support loop connected to the plate upper portion, and a clasp having transversely spaced opposite ends connected to the plate rear side lower portion, and the clasp also having an intermediate portion between said opposite ends disposed to extend through and support the pendant loop to stably hang below the plate, in alignment with the upper support loop, said support loop sections extending in a first and upright plane which is perpendicular to a second plane defined by said plate, the plate having edges generally defining an isocyles triangle which is downwardly divergent to define lower corners proximate said clasp opposite ends, the clasp intermediate portion being downwardly offset so as to stably generally center the pendant loop, said clasp opposite ends concealed behind said plate lower corners, one of said clasp opposite ends having concealed hinge connection to the plate, and the other of said clasp opposite ends having concealed latch connection to the plate.

Inventors: Leufray-Simms; Rita Mae (Pasadena, CA)


International Classification: A44C 3/00 (20060101); A44C 025/00 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018