Patent Number: 6,293,142

Title: Electromagnetic method of liquid level monitoring

Abstract: A method and apparatus for monitoring one or more parameters of a variable physical structure, such as liquid level, is disclosed. The method and apparatus includes an electrodynamic element placed in proximity to a monitored structure and exciting within said element an alternating electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field should be at a frequency at which the electromagnetic field penetrates into the monitored structure and then variations of the electromagnetic field parameters are measured for the element caused by a variation in the structure. The exciting of the electrodynamic element is by an electromagnetic field in the form of at least one slowed electromagnetic wave having suitable energy distribution of the electric and magnetic fields for the measuring of the electromagnetic field parameters.

Inventors: Pchelnikov; Yuriy N. (Cary, NC), Nyce; David S. (Apex, NC)

Assignee: MTS Systems Corporation

International Classification: G01F 23/284 (20060101); G01F 023/00 (); G01R 027/04 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018