Patent Number: 6,293,148

Title: Structural design for improving the sensitivity of a surface-micromachinedvibratory gyroscope

Abstract: The present invention is a motion sensor apparatus for use as a generalmechanical amplifier, a gyroscope, or other resonant sensor such as anaccelerometer. In accordance with the invention, the motion sensorapparatus includes a primary mass and a primary flexure structure. Theprimary flexure structure supports the primary mass to experience drivenmotion against a bias of the primary flexure structure. The apparatusfurther includes a secondary mass which is less massive than the primarymass. A secondary flexure structure interconnects the secondary mass withthe primary mass, and supports the secondary mass to experience sensingmotion relative to the primary mass against a bias of the secondaryflexure structure. The stiffness ratio between the primary and secondaryflexure structures is equal to the mass ratio between the primary andsecondary masses.

Inventors: Wang; Zhe (Singapore, SG), Sridhar; Uppili (Singapore, SG), Lin; Rong Ming (Singapore, SG), Lim; Mong King (Singapore, SG)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013