Patent Number: 6,293,162

Title: Fluid selection valve for a modular automated diagnostic apparatus

Abstract: A modular automated diagnostic analyzer having a fluid entry module forsample aspiration, a valve module for selecting fluids and a pump modulefor fluidic movement, so that a biological sample does not come intocontact with the valve system through which calibrants and air areintroduced to the fluid path. The fluid entry module encloses anaspiration tube rotatably and slidably engaged with the analysis mechanismchassis to move to different positions for the introduction of calibrationand cleaning fluids and the aspiration of fluids into the analysisapparatus from different tpes of sample containers. A wiping seal removesresidues of aspirated fluids from the exterior surfaces of the aspirationtube with the residue being aspirated into the analysis apparatus fordisposal. Sensor modules mounted in a sensor chamber are structured tomechanically stack and interlock and each sensor module includes a fluidtight sealed passage and a sensor element. A fluid selection valve ofhighly polished ceramic material allows a valve cylinder passage to beselectively connected to fluid sources. A self-contained reagent pouchhousing contains calibrants including tonometered calibrants in reagentpouches wherein each pouch wall includes multiple layers of materialswherein at least one layer is a thin, flexible glass material. The wallsare extended to form a filler neck sealed by heat and pressure along asealing line below a filler line so that no bubbles are trapped in thereagent pouch.

Inventors: Mathur; Vijay (Burlington, MA), Cote; Tyler (Acton, MA), Jones; Ronald (Newton, NH), Sun; Jane (Acton, MA), Rettew; Steve (Harvard, MA), Yi; Chen (Woburn, MA), Mao; Tony (Natick, MA), Whelan; Will (Arlington, MA), Galano; Ken (Wrenham, MA), Dussault; Richard (North Attleboro, MA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013