Patent Number: 6,293,164

Title: Rack and pinion steering apparatus and method for manufacturing a helicalpinion

Abstract: A method for forming a helical pinion gear (12) for a rack and pinionsteering apparatus (10) comprises the steps of: providing a cylindricalfirst blank (60) made of a deformable material and having an outer surface(68); providing a cylindrical second blank (100) made of a deformablematerial and having an outer surface (108); forming a bore (116) extendingat least partially through the second blank (100); forming helical teeth(52) on the outer surface (108) of the second blank; and interconnectingthe second blank (100) with the first blank (60) to form the helicalpinion (12). The helical teeth (52) on the pinion (12) mesh with rackteeth (44) on a rack (16) in a rack and pinion steering apparatus (10).

Inventors: Krause; Jeffery (Lake Orion, MI)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013