Patent Number: 6,293,166

Title: Apparatus and method for adjusting a gear

Abstract: Apparatus and method for adjusting a gear in a gear train assembly. A firstgear with a first rotational center and a second gear with a secondrotational center are coupled to an engine. A third gear with a thirdrotational center is provided to form a first mesh with the first gear.The first mesh has a predetermined minimum backlash. The third gear alsoforms a second mesh with the second gear. The third gear includes anadjustable positioning mechanism which allows the rotational center of thethird gear to be adjusted along a predetermined adjustment path that issubstantially tangent to the first mesh. The adjustment mechanism of thethird gear allows the minimum backlash of the first mesh to be maintainedwhile the second mesh is adjusted to likewise achieve a generallyminimized backlash.

Inventors: Genter; David P. (Kenilworth, GB), Kelly; Eudell L. (Columbus, IN), Voils; Mark A. (Columbus, IN), Stover; Thomas R. (Columbus, IN), Kolhouse; Robert W. (Columbus, IN)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013