Patent Number: 6,293,182

Title: Piston-type compressor with piston guide

Abstract: A compressor comprises a piston having a piston head and an engagingportion, said piston head being inserted into a cylinder bore, saidengaging portion having a piston guide and a shoe seat in which a shoe isincorporated, wherein said shoe is engaged with a swash plate. The pistonreciprocates in correspondence to rotation of the swash plate and thepiston head compressing a refrigerant by the reciprocal movement. Thepiston guide protrudes outward from the surface of the piston head,extending over said shoe seat, being formed with dimensions exceeding thecorresponding shoe seat and being caused to reciprocate along the innerwall surface of said housing in line with reciprocation of said piston.

Inventors: Yokomachi; Naoya (Kariya, JP), Imai; Takayuki (Kariya, JP), Koide; Tatsuya (Kariya, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013