Patent Number: 6,293,185

Title: Piston for a hydrostatic cylinder block

Abstract: A piston for use in the cylinder block of a hydraulic power unit. Thepiston has an elongated cylindrical body and one end terminating in aspherical surface. The piston is composed of a body and insert which aremade from different materials, preferably metallic materials, and joinedtogether. The piston body takes the form of a solid cylinder or a hollowcylindrical tube. The spherical surface takes the form of an internalspherical socket or an external spherical ball. The insert takes anelongated or abbreviated form providing for both open cavity and closedcavity piston configurations. The piston includes a conduit whichtraverses the body and insert, providing a path for pressurized fluid.

Inventors: Stoppek; Robert J. (Ames, IA), Landwehr; Mark A. (Cicero, IN)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013