Patent Number: 6,293,186

Title: Heating pot for decocting chinese herbs

Abstract: A heating pot for decocting Chinese herbs, including a container on whichChinese herbs are to be contained, a heater received in the container soas not to contact the container, and a condenser installed on the openingof the container, for condensing important medicinal elements contained invapor. The heater has a ray generation means for generating hightemperature infrared rays toward the container, a main reflection meansfor reflecting the infrared rays to the container, and a follower memberwhich has a lateral follower extending from the side of the heater forshielding the side of the condenser installed in the container, and anupper follower coupled to the top of the lateral follower for shieldingthe upper portion of the condenser.

Inventors: Lee; Sang-jun (Seoul, KR)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013