Patent Number: 6,293,195

Title: Chambered flexographic ink units with quick-change, blade thicknesscompensating clamping mechanism

Abstract: A flexographic printer ink unit has an elongated body with an elongated inkchamber recessed into one side of the body. The chamber is defined in partby a pair of elongated walls. An elongated blade, doctor or containment,is positioned on each of the opposite elongated walls. An elongatedclamping bar is coupled with a separate one of the wall to rotate about apivot axis defined by a set of T bars mounted along each wall. Onelongitudinal edge of each clamping bar holds the blade against a proximaledge of the proximal elongated wall to form an edge of the ink chamber.One or more plungers are movably coupled with the ink unit body andpressed against the clamping bar on a side of the bar pivot axis oppositethe one longitudinal edge of the bar so as to pivot the one longitudinaledge of the bar against the proximal edge of the wall to secure the bladethere between. The plunger is carried in a conventional toggle clamp. Theplunger is an assembly with a spring loaded smaller plunger located at itsworking tip, which adjusts the plunger automatically for wear and minordimensional changes in the blade and/or seal. The plunger can be threadedinto a threaded sleeve of a conventional toggle clamp to permit furthergross adjustment of plunger height/position.

Inventors: Allison, Jr.; Thomas K. (Moorestown, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013