Patent Number: 6,293,196

Title: High velocity, hot air dryer and extractor

Abstract: A hot air dryer utilizes high velocity air jets which scrub and break upthe moist air layer which clings to the surface of a freshly printedsheet. High velocity air is heated to a high temperature as it flows alonga resistance heating element within an air delivery baffle tube. Theheated, high velocity air pressurizes a plenum chamber within an airdistribution manifold. High velocity jets of hot air are dischargedthrough multiple air flow apertures onto the wet ink side of a printedsheet as it moves through the dryer exposure zone. An extractor removesthe moist air layer, high velocity hot air and volatiles from the printedsheet and exhausts it from the press.

Inventors: DeMoore; Howard Warren (Dallas, TX), Secor; Howard Curtis (Coppell, TX)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013