Patent Number: 6,293,216

Title: Surface effect ship (SES) hull configuration having improved high speedperformance and handling characteristics

Abstract: A deep-V hull configuration for a surface effect ship (SES) that utilizes acushion of pressurized air and improves the handling characteristics andefficiency of the vessel is provided by the present invention. The surfaceeffect vessel has an air cushion recess for containing the pressurizedcushion of air that has a sloped transition area on a bow side edge. Waterredirecting structures on the deep-V hull direct a turbulent water flowtoward blow through areas of the air cushion recess and, thus, prevent airfrom escaping from the air cushion recess. Multiple longitudinal andtransverse air compartments are formed in the air cushion recess.Specialized separation portions provide for restricted air communicationbetween the multiple air compartments. Air is introduced into the multipleair compartments at independently adjustable pressures to facilitateturning and to adjust for various operating conditions. Specialized driveshafts and prop configurations are further utilized to improve thefunctioning of the surface effect vessel. The present invention may beutilized for fast marine transportation as well as various militaryapplications.

Inventors: Barsumian; Bruce R. (Cookeville, TN)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013