Patent Number: 6,293,256

Title: Fuel delivery device

Abstract: The fuel delivery device (12) has a receptacle (16) arranged in a storage tank (10) and a delivery unit (20) delivering fuel from the receptacle (16) to the internal combustion engine (14) of a motor vehicle. Further, there is provided at least one suction jet pump (40) which delivers fuel from the storage tank (10) into the receptacle (16). The suction jet pump (40) is fastened to an upper edge area (17) of the receptacle (16) as a separate constructional unit. The suction jet pump (40) is formed by a constructional unit having a propelling nozzle (41), a connection (43) for a propelling line (44), which connection (43) opens into the propelling nozzle (41), a mixing pipe (42) following the propelling nozzle (41), and a connection (45) for a suction line (46), which connection (45) opens into the mixing pipe (42). Two walls (48) located at a distance from one another project downward from the constructional unit (40), and the constructional unit (40) is mounted on the edge (17) of the receptacle (16) from the top, wherein the edge (17) of the receptacle (16) is introduced between the two walls (48). The suction line (46) connected to the suction jet pump (40) opens into the storage tank (10) remote of the receptacle (16).

Inventors: Kleppner; Stephan (Bretten, DE), Frank; Kurt (Schorndorf, DE), Mihatsch; Steffen (Ludwigsburg, DE), Hufnagel; Klaus-Dieter (Moeglingen, DE), Ballier; Guenter-Paul (Oberriexingen, DE), Gerhard; Albert (Tamm, DE), Jauch; Gerhard (Markgroeningen, DE)

Assignee: Robert Bosch GmbH

International Classification: B60K 15/077 (20060101); F02M 037/10 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018