Patent Number: 6,293,307

Title: Valve assembly with check valve for gas cylinder

Abstract: A cylinder (32) is hermetically attached into an attaching bore (31) formedwithin a housing (4) and is made to advance and retreat between a take-outposition (A) and a charging position (B). A check valve chamber (28) isformed within the cylinder (32). A check spring (43) resiliently pushes acheck valve member (29) inserted into the check valve chamber (28) towarda check valve seat (42). The cylinder (32) has an outer surface providedwith an actuation portion (50). If the actuation portion (50) is pushed,it retracts the cylinder (32) toward the charging position (B). Providedat a position opposing to the check valve member 29 through a chamberinlet (40) of the check valve chamber (28) is a receiving portion (46),which receives the check valve member (29) on a halfway while the cylinder(32) is retreating.

Inventors: Oi; Akira (Amagasaki, JP), Shiotsuki; Mari (Amagasaki, JP), Kagomoto; Mitsumasa (Amagasaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013