Patent Number: 6,293,314

Title: Pile yarn selection system for gripper axminster weaving machines

Abstract: A selection system for pile yarns in a gripper Axminster weaving machinehas a gripper associated with an elongated pile yarn carrier, and providedto position a number of yarn ends at mutual distance in the lengthdirection of that carrier. Each pile yarn carrier is axially movable inits length direction to present a selected yarn to an associated gripper.A movable selection beam effects the axial movement of the pile yarncarriers, coordinated with the movement of the grippers, by protrusionsand notches working together on the pile yarn carriers and on theselection beam. The engagement into each other of the aforesaidprotrusions and notches can be selectively controlled in function of theyarns to be selected, in which the pile yarn carriers are predominantlyhorizontally disposed. The selection beam positively drives the pile yarncarriers in horizontal direction both in forward and in return movement.The pile yarn carriers can be brought and/or held in positions of rest bya vertical movement of the selection beam.

Inventors: Dewispelaere; Andre (Marke/Kortrijk, BE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013