Patent Number: 6,293,326

Title: Load range C and D tires including metallic cords of 2X or 3X construction

Abstract: Load Range C and D radial light truck tires have plies reinforced with 2Xor 3X metallic cords. In one embodiment, the plies are two steel cord beltplies and the cords of at least one of the two belt plies has a filamentdiameter d of about 0.32 mm to 0.40 mm and either a 2X construction and afilament tensile strength in the range of 6908-10740d to 14238-25590d or a3X construction and a filament tensile strength in the range of 4998-8140dto 9616-17370d. The cords may be located in components such as the belt,carcass, chipper, chafer, etc.

Inventors: Hamiel; Charles Elmer (Stow, OH), Sinopoli; Italo Marziale (Canton, OH), Kowalski, Jr.; Daniel Ignatius (Stow, OH), Young; Ray Allison (East Sparta, OH)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013