Patent Number: 6,293,330

Title: Universal head rail

Abstract: A universal head rail assembly includes a front wall and a back wall,wherein the front wall includes a first contour formed on an outer facethereof and the back wall includes a second contour formed on an outerface thereof. A reversible rotator assembly includes a tilt control wandcoupled to a gear box configured to selectively rotate a rotator element.The reversible rotator assembly and the tilt control wand are in a firstposition when the first contour of the front wall is displayed and thereversible rotator assembly and the tilt control wand are in a secondposition when the second contour of the back wall is displayed. The gearbox includes a first universal socket coupled to a gear train positionedon an opposed side of the head rail from a second universal socket that iscoupled to the gear train. The first and second sockets each areconfigured to receive a first end of the tilt control wand that matinglyengages the gear train, thereby rotating the gear train and the rotatorelement to pivot the slats between opened and closed positions.

Inventors: Ciuca; Zazu (Greensboro, NC)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013