Patent Number: 6,293,331

Title: Vibration and shock resistant heat sink assembly

Abstract: A vibration and shock resistant heat dissipating device for removing heatfrom a heat generating object is disclosed. The heat dissipating deviceincludes a retaining clip having a central member and a pair of legsdepending downwardly therefrom. An aperture is disposed through thecentral member and defines a central member bore having female threadingformed therein. The free ends of the pair of legs are secured relative tothe heat generating object. A heat dissipating member having a threadedbase portion with a substantially flat bottom surface is adapted to bethreadably received in the center member bore so that the flat bottomsurface of the heat dissipating member is in flush thermal communicationwith the heat generating member. A ratchet member is disposed between theretaining clip and the heat dissipating member for controlling threadedreceipt of the threaded base portion in the retaining clip. The ratchetmember permits only inward installation threading of the base portion intothe center member bore while preventing threaded removal of the baseportion out from retaining clip. Use of a tool enables threaded removal ofthe base portion out from the retaining clip.

Inventors: Wang; Chong-Sheng (Mansfield, MA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013