Patent Number: 6,293,371

Title: Disc brake assembly

Abstract: A vehicle brake assembly is disclosed in which a single annular piston body(20) working in a circular bore is used to apply a first one of a pair ofannular pad assemblies (102, 103) to a rotor assembly (101). The brakeincorporates a ball and ramp mechanism comprising a rotating plate (30)which acts via balls (35) upon an advancement plate (40). The advancementplate (40) acts upon an adjustment ring (50) which is in screw threadedengagement with a peripheral wall of the piston (20). Rotation of theadjustment ring (50) relative to the piston (20) enables brake clearanceto be adjusted, and an adjuster (60) is provided to allow automaticrotation of the adjustment ring (50) so as to enable the brake to selfadjust. The adjuster (60) preferably comprises a first and second cog (63,65) connected via a spring clutch (67) and acting between teeth on therotating plate (30) and teeth on the adjustment plate (50). A manualadjuster (70) is also disclosed. The single actuator ensured evenapplication of pressure around the rotor (101) without the difficulty ofsynchronising multiple actuators.

Inventors: Philpott; Daniel James (Southfield, MI)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013