Patent Number: 6,293,374

Title: Drum brake seal structure for all-terrain vehicle wheel

Abstract: A drum brake includes a brake drum attached to an axle, and a brake panel.The brake drum includes a disc portion and a cylindrical portion extendingfrom an outer peripheral end portion of the disc portion towards the brakepanel. On an outer peripheral end portion of the cylindrical portion,there is mounted a seal member. The brake panel includes an annular flatsurface portion, and a cylindrical projecting portion projecting from anouter peripheral end portion of the annular flat surface portion towardsthe brake drum so as to surround the seal member. The seal member hasplural resilient axial sealing lips and at least one resilient radialsealing lip. The axial sealing lips are in sealing contact with theannular flat surface portion, and the radial lip is in sealing contactwith an inner peripheral surface of the cylindrical projecting portion.Even if the brake drum is axially displaced away from the brake panel dueto accidental bending of the axle, the radial sealing lip remainssealingly contact with the inner peripheral surface of the projectingportion.

Inventors: Tomita; Hiroaki (Wako, JP), Seki; Bunzo (Wako, JP), Handa; Akio (Wako, JP), Kurimoto; Seiji (Wako, JP), Katabami; Eiji (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013