Patent Number: 6,293,387

Title: Carrier, carrier orientation and conveying structure, carrier line systemassembly, and carrier process

Abstract: A carrier for orienting and conveying things to be transported includes abody having a top surface, a bottom surface, a first side periphery, and asecond side periphery. The bottom surface is intersected by a traverseslot which is upwardly communicative with a traverse through bore. Eitherof the first side periphery or the top surface provides a transportsection adapted to receive and convey the thing to be transported, and thesecond side periphery provides a drive control section suited to engage adrive mechanism. The body may include a hold lip, detent, or otherstructure cooperative with the first side periphery or top surface tocontact, receive, and convey the thing to be transported. The carrier isused in an assembly carrier line system which includes structure fordriving the carriers along a desired pathway wherein the pathway has aguide element cooperative with the carrier selected from one or more ofthe group consisting of a rail for engagement into the traverse slot ofthe carrier, a rod for engagement into the traverse bore of the carrier,and a boundary barrier to contain the carriers. When the guide element ofthe pathway includes a cam rail surface upon the rod, selected controlledrotational movement of the carrier circumferentially upon the rodperpendicular to its ongoing lineal path along at least a portion of thelength of the rod is achieved.

Inventors: Forster; Hugh H. (Gurnee, IL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013