Patent Number: 6,293,392

Title: Beverage container carrier

Abstract: A reinforced planar carrier is provided which can carry, for example, four2-liter bottles, without significantly bending. The carrier is made from aone piece paperboard blank having a machine direction. It has a centerline, a pair of side edges, and a pair of end edges. The carrier includesa top ply and a bottom ply joined together along a hinge line whichextends generally perpendicularly to the machine direction of thepaperboard and defines one of said carrier's end edges. Finger holes areformed on opposite sides of the carrier centerline, approximately midwaybetween the end edges of the carrier. The finger holes are positioned suchthat the carrier is lifted at points near the load. The finger holes areelongate. A tab from the top ply finger hole extends through the bottomply finger hole when the carrier is lifted to define a rib extendinggenerally parallel to the machine direction of the paperboard.Additionally, the carrier includes side flaps and an end flap which arehingedly connected to one of the top and bottom plies; and adhered to theother of the top and bottom plies.

Inventors: Galbierz; Michael A. (St. Louis, MO)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013