Patent Number: 6,293,403

Title: Vitamin organizing, storing and dispensing system

Abstract: A system to organize, store and dispense a plurality of tablets in apredetermined theraputic regime comprising a plurality of sets of separatepackets corresponding to the days of the week or the dates of the monthconfigured to store at least one tablet therein wherein each set ofseparate packets comprises a subset of the packets corresponding to thetime of day or date the plurality tablets for the corresponding day ordate are to be administered and a packet organizer to arrange the sets andsubsets of packets sequentially by day or date and time of day or date foreach corresponding day or date for selectively dispensing and consumptionof the appropriate tablet or tablets at the proper time and day or date.

Inventors: Holmberg; Doublas A. (Valrico, FL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013