Patent Number: 6,293,417

Title: Collapsible container and method for the assembly of such a container

Abstract: A collapsible transport and storage container comprising a base member (2)and inwards foldable side walls (1) which are moveably attached to thebase member (2) via hinges. The container is provided with upper hingemembers (3') at the side walls (1) and lower hinge members (3") at thebase member (2). The lower hinge members (3") are provided with assemblygrooves (36). The assembly grooves (36) are applied in an angle (A) fromthe base surface of the base member (2). The side walls (1) are providedwith one or more locking profiles (37) at their respective lower ends (1')which are intended to cooperate with the assembly grooves (36) duringassembly and disassembly. The locking profiles (37) are provided with alocking edge (37') which runs against a wall member (33) during the mainpart of the folding and unfolding motion of the side wall (1). Theinvention also relates to a method to assemble such a container.

Inventors: Varfeldt; Rasmus (Helsingborg, SE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013