Patent Number: 6,293,420

Title: Fuel tank

Abstract: A fuel tank for a motor vehicle is provided in its interior with a component for reducing fuel surge movements. To avoid troublesome noises produced by fuel movement the component comprises a wall element at a spacing from the end of the tank that is the front end or the rear end in the direction of travel. The wall element extends at least over a substantial part of the height and the width of the tank and is so shaped that the wall element surfaces extend at least predominantly not in planes which extend perpendicularly to the direction of travel, to prevent fuel from impacting unimpededly against those surfaces perpendicularly thereto. Those surfaces thus represent divisions in the fuel tank. The volume of the fuel between the wall element and the respective tank wall surface to be shielded is not sufficient to produce noises which are a nuisance when travel movements occur.

Inventors: Richter; Benno (St. Augustin, DE), Acker; Michael (Asbach, DE)

Assignee: Kautex Textron GmbH & Co., KG.

International Classification: B60K 15/077 (20060101); B60K 15/03 (20060101); B65D 025/02 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018