Patent Number: 6,293,421

Title: Beverage container with increased bottom strength

Abstract: A beverage container with increased strength includes a generallycylindrical sidewall that is disposed around a vertical axis, and abottom. The bottom provides a supporting surface and includes a bottomrecess portion that is disposed radially inwardly of the supportingsurface. The bottom recess portion includes a concave domed panel that isdisposed a positional distance above the supporting surface by a domepositioning portion of this bottom recess portion. The domed panelincludes a portion thereof with a curvature in the range wherein increasesin the curvature decrease the static dome reversal pressure; and the domepositioning portion includes first and second parts thereof that aredisposed at different radial distances from the vertical axis and thatprovide increases in both roll-out resistance and static dome reversalpressure. In various embodiments the first and second parts arecircumferential, arcuate, at longitudinal; and, in at least someembodiments an increase in cumulative drop height is achieved as well asincreases in both roll-out resistance and static dome reversal pressure.

Inventors: Jentzsch; K. Reed (Arvada, CO), Willoughby; Otis H. (Castle Valley, UT), Baldwin; Gary A. (Mead, WA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013