Patent Number: 6,293,422

Title: Container with combination convex/concave bottom

Abstract: An aluminum one-piece container body, defining a sidewall and bottom, has asubstantially hemispherical or otherwise convex, preferably curvilinear,surface surrounding a central concave panel. A plurality of feet extenddownwardly from the convex region. The convex region provides strengthadvantages associated with containing pressurized material. A concavepanel accommodates changes in differential pressures such as arising frompasteurization or other heating. The feet are preferably configured toprovide substantial stackability and conveyability as well as supportstability for the container.

Inventors: Jentzsch; K. Reed (Arvada, CO), Willoughby; Otis (Louisville, CO), Edwards; Dan A. (Westminster, CO)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013