Patent Number: 6,293,438

Title: Methods and apparatus for metering material

Abstract: Methods and apparatus are provided for dispensing materials, and inparticular, granular chemical agricultural material, from a moving devicedriven over terrain to be treated with the material. The device has ametering system for dispensing the material including a rotatableapertured disk for metering material from a product container anddispensing the material in controlled metered quantities. The meteringdisk is removable from its operating position within the dispensing devicefor inspection, repair or replacement purposes, without disassembling theoverall apparatus, and a guide is provided for returning the metering diskto its operating position within the dispensing device. The apertures inthe metering disk are oriented so that each aperture partially overlapseach adjacent aperture to result in continuous flow of the meteredmaterial through the metering disk as it rotates.

Inventors: Woodruff; Keith F. (Mountainside, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013