Patent Number: 6,293,439

Title: High pressure valve

Abstract: A high pressure rotary valve including a housing with inlet and outletopenings and a rotor and blade assembly within the housing for movingflowable solid material through the valve. The chamber containing therotor assembly is defined between a pair of shrouds which move relative toa wall portion of the housing. The periphery of each shroud is ground andhard coated and this periphery is engaged by a first lip seal or multiplethereof supported by the housing. An end plate is located around the rotorshaft at each end of the housing and second lip seals engage ground andhard coated surfaces of the rotor shaft. Pockets defined between theshrouds and the end plates are adapted to be pressurized to create a backpressure resisting movement of material out of the housing chamber in thedirection of the rotor shaft. Angular contact bearings support therotating shaft with respect to the housing.

Inventors: Schleicher; Lawrence M. (Bartlett, IL), Stark; Keith W. (St. Charles, IL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013