Patent Number: 6,293,443

Title: Foldable garment hanger for compactly storing garments when traveling

Abstract: A foldable garment hanger has shoulder support members that can be foldedtogether while supporting a garment thereon. The foldable hanger allowsthe garment to be quickly folded in half about the centerline of thebackside of the garment where the garment can then be folded horizontallyone or more times so as to fit into a conventional carry-on baggage. Thefoldable hanger is further provided with a hook configured such that atraveler can unpack and unfold the garment by simply hanging the foldablehanger on a conventional hanger rod or hook and unfolding the shouldersupport members of the invention. When unfolded, the invention can be usedin a manner similar to a conventional garment hanger.

Inventors: Nykoluk; Cory O. (St. Louis, MO)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013