Patent Number: 6,293,454

Title: Installation for positioning and welding body parts of different types ofmotor vehicles

Abstract: An installation for positioning and welding body parts of different typesof motor vehicles. The installation includes a mounting frame (5) which isguided on a conveyor line and which has receiving elements for at leastsome vehicle body parts. Positioning devices (8) are provided for thevehicle body parts (6) and at least one robot is provided for carrying outwelding work. The invention is very flexible in terms of productmodifications. The mounting frame (5) has positioning devices for at leastsome vehicle body parts (6) and clamping devices for the vehicle bodyparts. An additional (lower) conveyor line (10) is located under the firstconveyor (2). One of several auxiliary mounting frames (12) is guided onthe additional conveyor line. Parking positions (13) for the auxiliarymounting frames (12) are provided next to the lower conveyor line (10).The auxiliary mounting frames (12) each have receiving elements for othervehicle body parts of different types of vehicles and devices forpositioning and clamping with the mounting frame (5). A lifting device(17) is also provided for the auxiliary mounting frame (12).

Inventors: Zhang; Yimin (Munchen, DE), Rhoads; Scott (Moore, SC), Moser; Manfred (Driessen, DE), Trenchant; Jean-Luc (Unterankenreute, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013